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The Clearwings Release A New EP On 7522 Radio

The Clearwings is an independent alt-folk duo with a focus on the intimacy of live performance. They combine tight harmonies with driving guitar, bringing a modern edge to a classic folk sensibility. The result is a dynamic sound, with influences ranging from 60s greats like Peter, Paul, & Mary, Johnny Cash & June Carter, and … Continue reading The Clearwings Release A New EP On 7522 Radio Read More

Jennifer Stratton Joins 7522 Radio

An Orleans, MA Cape Cod based singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jennifer performs original blues influenced folk/rock music, as well as many favorite covers, with her band in venues all over the Cape and eastern Massachusetts. She has been writing and performing for 20 years. While studying and working in Papua New Guinea, Israel and Brazil Jennifer wrote and … Continue reading Jennifer Stratton Joins 7522 Radio Read More

7522 Radio Promotes Music, Artist, Groups & Bands. Submit Your Music.

7522 Radio has been promoting music, artists, groups, band, etc. for the past 4 years.  Starting out in Colorado at an elevation of 7522′, many musicians joined 7522 Radio to have their music played and promoted.  The music business is a very tough profession and any help is appreciated (especially when it is completely free … Continue reading 7522 Radio Promotes Music, Artist, Groups & Bands. Submit Your Music. Read More

Tim Sweeney Joins 7522 Radio

Cape Cod’s Ukulele Man, Tim Sweeney from Orleans, MA has entertained crowds around the world from New York to Chicago, Paris, Germany, Nova Scotia and beyond with his smooth style and soulful voice. Tim Sweeney is a polished, passionate virtuoso performer. He is a multi-instrumentalist, whose purchase of a ukulele and a chord chart in … Continue reading Tim Sweeney Joins 7522 Radio Read More

Bruce Walls Releases His First Album Glitch Switch On 7522 Radio

I was born in New York City and I was raised by my mother Ivette and my stepfather Marcus.  The beginning of the love for the music started with my stepfather, giving that he had love for all the good classics and also played instruments in the house with the intentions of introducing them to … Continue reading Bruce Walls Releases His First Album ”Glitch Switch” On 7522 Radio Read More

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