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Clare Steffen



Somebody Else's Troubles (A Ballad For Steve Goodman)
2021 Clare Steffen

Category: Folk

Fan Rating

1. Somebody Else's Troubles (A Ballad For Steve Goodman)

Meet You At The Old Barn
2021 Clare Steffen

Category: Americana

Fan Rating

1. Meet You At The Old Barn

Sacred Earth
2021 Clare Steffen & Aira Winterland

Category: World

Fan Rating

1. Sacred Earth

City Scapes to Country Escapes
2021 Clare Steffen

Category: Singer/Songwriter

Fan Rating

1. Something Good
2. Dreams And Memories
3. You Are My Twin Flame
4. I Ain't Exactly Finished Yet
5. Let's Not Play Any Games
6. Winner's Never Quit
7. WinterHawk
8. Don't Wait For Something Bad To Turn Good

Crystal Clarity
2021 Clare Steffen

Category: Jazz

Fan Rating

1. Not Always A Lady
2. Cookie Crumble
3. I'm Not Part Of The One Percent
4. Uphill Climb
5. Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled
6. Global Healing
7. My Saving Grace (Strength, Wisdom, Comfort)
8. Saving Grace
9. Christmas Magic
10. Bringing In The New Year
11. Move Your Body
12. The Other Side
13. Good Spirit

Clare Steffen Comments:

     1.  Hello Everyone, I really appreciate your stopping by to listen to my songs, which are a part of my Round The Globe project. I love co-writing songs that send encouragement, hope, and global healing. It really great to be here and be a part of the wonderful music shared on Hit Maker Radio. Clare Steffen, Round The Globe

     2.  Hi Clare. Very good to see you here my dear friend and partner in music. Love you! Aira Winterland