752.2 Radio Musician Features & Terms

752.2 Radio consists of Music Albums/EPs, Live Music Concerts, Front Row Ticket Concerts, Musician's Podcast Interviews, Live Radio, Prerecorded Radio Programming and Create Your Own Radio Channel. ALL BENEFITS & FEATURES LISTED BELOW HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO COST ASSOCIATED FOR THE MUSICIANS, BANDS OR GROUPS AND ARE ENTIRELY CREATED BY 752.2 RADIO. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANY WORK AT ALL TO PROMOTE & MARKET YOURSELF.

How To Participate: Sign in for a membership account. Click the CONTACT link at the top of the menu bar. Check the box for HOW TO SUBMIT MUSIC INSTRUCTIONS. We will immediately email you instructions on how to mail/email/upload your information. It's that simple!

1. Overview Page: Each musician, band or group will have an overview page created with information, contact information and graphics.

2. Music & Podcast Interview Channel: Each musician, band or group will have their own Music & Podcast Interview Channel with information and graphics.

3. Albums & EPs: Every album & EP supplied to 752.2 Radio will be added to their own Music & Podcast Channel (with album cover, album title, track titles, copy right, where to purchase albums, etc.). All album & EP sales and profits are totally controlled by the musicians (CD Baby, Bandcamp, Own Website, etc.). The musician's albums & eps can also be sold on 752.2 Radio through Paypal and all the sales, profits and delivery of your music are controlled by the musicians (optional).

4. Podcast Interviews: Podcast interviews will be recorded by 752.2 Radio via the Internet for the musicians and 752.2 Radio (please be patient as we are totally booked up at the moment). The podcast interviews will be edited in a professional recording studio into multiple podcasts and intros and outros will be added to each podcast. Each podcast interview will be added to the musician's own Podcast Interview Channel.

5. Prerecorded Music Radio: Each musician, band or group will have their music tracks randomly added into the prerecorded hourly music shows.

6. Prerecorded Podcast Radio: Each musician, band or group will have their music interviews randomly added into the prerecorded hourly podcast shows.

7. Featured Podcast, Featured Album, Featured Music Track: Each musician, band or group is randomly, throughout the year, featured on 752.2 Radio with their music tracks, albums and podcasts. Your Featured Album, Podcast or Music Track can be posted on social networks.

8. Automation Twitter Posts Of Musician's Podcasts & Music Tracks: Each day, custom software developed by 752.2 Radio automatically, randomly posts music tracks, musician overviews and press releases to our multiple Twitter accounts (20,000+ followers). This gives the musicians tremendous marketing exposure.

9. Automation Facebook Posts Of Musician's Podcasts & Music Tracks: Each day, custom software developed by 752.2 Radio automatically, randomly posts music tracks, musician overviews and press releases to our multiple Facebook accounts (30,000+ followers). This gives the musicians tremendous marketing exposure.

10. Facebook & Twitter: Every musician's information is interfaced into 2 social networks. With just a click of a mouse, your music podcasts & music tracks can be shared into social networks.

11. Sophisticated Podcasts Marketing Reports: A sophisticated marketing report is available to see how your listeners are finding your podcasts (social media locations) and also how many listeners are listening to each of your podcasts.

12: Front Row Ticket Concerts: Every musician, band & group can participate in Front Row Ticket Concerts (see below).

13.  Fan It & Rate It: 752.2 Radio members can become a fan of both your podcast interviews and music channels. You can view who your fans and the rating of each of your albums.

14. Join The Team: If you would like to help in any area of 752.2 Radio, we will add you to the team. All Team members are on a volunteer basis.


1. FRONT ROW TICKET MUSIC CONCERTS: Front Row Ticket Concerts are ONLY heard on 752.2 Radio. A indivual musician, band or group performs for concert ticket holders, a live, personal, concert from their home directly into your home using proprietary software developed by 752.2 Radio. The concert is a live, one-time only concert and it is never heard again.

2. FREE CONCERT TICKETS: Free concert tickets for each Front Row Ticket Music Concert must be reserved in advance as there are only a limited number of tickets available for each concert. Log into your membership account and indicate which musicians, bands and groups that you are interested in. When concerts tickets become available for the music you are interest in, you will receive an email so that you won't miss a single concert (and you will be able to reserve a ticket before it is sold out). The reserve tickets link is on the top menu bar under CONCERTS.

4. ATTEND A FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERT: You can log in and enter your ticket number 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE CONCERT and you will be shown to your front row seat. If you come late, you obviously will miss some of the concert, so come early and don't miss a single musical note. The attend concert link is on the top menu bar under CONCERTS.

5. COMMENTS, QUESTIONS & REQUESTS: During the concert, you can SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS, QUESTIONS & REQUESTS to the musician, band or group (we encourage it) on the concert board. Please be part of the concert and participate. Due to a time constraint, all questions or requests may not be able to be answered. All comments, questions & requests will appear on the CONCERT BOARD during the concert. The POST entry is located right beneath the concert's image. Please be considerate with your posts (like any live concert, if you are a disruption to the concert, you will be tossed out of the concert). See the first image below to learn how to post to the concert board.

7. REPLY: You can reply to any original post (you can't reply to a reply). See the first and second image below to learn how to reply.

8. CLAPPING: During the concert, we encourage CLAPPING. The number of claps will be displayed on the CONCERT BOARD. Please be part of the concert and participate. The CLAP is located right above the CONCERT BOARD. Click the clap image to applaud the music each time you get the urge to applaud.

9. EMAIL NOTIFICATION: You will receive an email 30 minutes before the concert is to begin to remind you to show up.

10. ENJOY YOUR HOME CONCERT FROM ANYWHERE: Sit back, turn up the volume and ENJOY your own private, live one-time only concert to your home brought to you by Front Row Ticket Concerts using your computer, tablet or cell phone.

11. CONCERT CANCELLATION: Each musician, band or group sets a minimum number of tickets that must be reserved in advance. They also can set a NO MINIMUM. If a minimum is set and the minimum amount of tickets are not reserved (24 hours before the concert is to be held), the concert will be cancelled. Thanks for your understanding... so please invite ALL your friends to attend to make sure that the concert will be held as you don't want to be disappointed and the concert performers don't want to be disappointed, too.

12. PURCHASE CD ALBUMS: Purchase albums directly from the musician, band or group at a special one-time price for attending the concert (and signed, too!).



"By submitting content for 752.2 Radio airplay you are agreeing that the person submitting the content has the legal authority to do so. The needed information being supplied is correct and you consent to 752.2 Radio playing, transmitting, broadcasting the content on the Internet at no cost to them now or ever. Your music content can not be downloaded using our 7522 Radio software as our software only plays your music. The music content being supplied to 752.2 Radio is all original, unique and was not a cover or remix."
We have many costs associated with 752.2 Radio such as: set-up of artist's music channel with a profile page, bandwidth, artwork for the artists, graphics for artists, maintaining that each artist's information is always current, file storage, writing the software, posting to social media, maintaining the charts, maintaining the 24/7 stream, etc. We do all this for NO COST to the artist and the 752.2 Radio Team is made up of all volunteers helping. There is no revenue generated by the streaming of any artist's music.
We receive business support by the local business community displaying 752.2 Decals and giving out 752.2 promo cards as well as mentioning 752.2 Radio to their customers. We appreciate all the help that they have given over the years.