Cell Phone Music Streaming Help

Some cell phone browsers and tablets have recently disabled music AUTOPLAY on cell phones (mostly iPhones & iPads). When there is no AUTOPLAY, no music is will start playing immediately. This has created havic for a lot of music websites, but there are easy instructions to resolve this issue.

In the image above (#1 arrow), you've clicked on the play button with your cell phone, but you heard no music. SOLUTION: You must click the play button (#2 arrow). This 2 step playing of a track will occur mostly on iPhones.

But, let's assume you are going to listen to many of the constant stream options that play for 1/2 hour, 1 hour, etc. on 752.2 Radio (listening to the hourly music stream show, Top 20 Chart, Top Artists, etc.). Once the music has started streaming, if the cell phone goes into Auto-Lock, that track will continue to play, but the rest of the audio stream will STOP after that track has finished (or you can click on #2 to start the music streaming again). SOLUTION: You must set your cell phone into NEVER Auto-Lock setting.

Go into SETTINGS (#3 arrow) and set the Auto-Lock to NEVER (#4 arrow). This will allow your cell phone to stream a continuous stream from 752.2 Radio. If you have any questions, you can always contact our 752.2 Radio Team and they would be glad to help you.