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Episode 4
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Doane Rock

Doane Rock is a rock left by the glaciers on the grounds of the Cape Cod National Seashore between the Salt Pond Visitors Center and Coast Guard Beach. It is the largest exposed boulder on Cape Cod. It stands 18 feet high and extends below the ground an estimated 12 feet.

Episode 3
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Eastham Windmill

The Eastham Windmill was built in Plymouth about 1680. It was moved to Truro in the 1770s and then to Eastham in 1793 to its first location where the National Seashore Salt Pond Visitor Center is now located, and then to its present site in 1808. It is both the oldest and and last working gristmill on the Cape.

Episode 2
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Jonathan Young Windmill

The Jonathan Young Windmill is historically unique, with all of its early parts and machinery intact. Water power was first used to turn millstones to grind grain but with the shortage of fast running rivers and streams, Cape Codders turned to the wind for power. This windmill was built in the early 1700's in South Orleans.

Episode 1
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Three Sister's Lighthouses

To help mariners differentiate between the Highland Light in Truro to the north and the Chatham Light in Chatham to the south, it was decided to erect three towers and to burn three lights to mark the dangerous Nauset sand bars off of Eastham. These lighthouses came to be known as the Three Sisters.