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Episode 5
Listeners: 1,913

The Tipton Train Robbery

The Overland Limited (the fastest train on the Union Pacific Line) stopped for coal at Tipton, Wyoming, when a masked man walked up and stuck a Colt 45 in the back of train engineer, Henry Wallenstein. Dave Logan shares what happened next.

Episode 4
Listeners: 2,298

Butch Cassidy's Character

In his finest story-telling fashion, Dave Logan shares some insights on Butch Cassidy's reputation as a legendary gentleman robber.

Episode 3
Listeners: 2,230

Don't Sleep on My Silk Sheets With Yer Spurs On

Dave tells what happened when cousin Harvey Logan (Kid Curry) was caught sleeping with his boots and spurs on in Fanny Porter's Sporting House on the silk sheets.

Episode 2
Listeners: 2,943

The Real West Studio And Photo, Print Process

Dave gives us the history of the Real West Old Time Portraits Studio, and shares some interesting background in the evolution of the photo and print process.

Episode 1
Listeners: 2,957

The Wild Bunch Photograph

Dave talks about the real story behind the famous photo of The Wild Bunch (displayed in his shop), featuring Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, along with his 2nd cousin, Harvey Logan.