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Episode 5
Listeners: 1,912

Why Estes Park & the RMNP? - Part 3

Eli continues discussing the diverse and functional community of Estes Park. He also discusses the benefits of living and climbing here and in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is Part 3 of an ongoing series.

Episode 4
Listeners: 2,397

Why Estes Park & RMNP? - Part 2

Eli continues sharing why he believes Estes Park and the RMNP is the ideal place to live, climb and experience outdoor adventures. This is Part 2 of an ongoing series.

Episode 3
Listeners: 2,502

Why Estes Park & RMNP? - Part 1

Eli shares why Estes Park & RMNP is the premiere place to come for Outdoor Adventures. This is Part 1 of an ongoing series.

Episode 2
Listeners: 2,370


We asked Eli what part adrenaline plays in Rocky Climbing and other high energy outdoor adventures? The answer may surprise you!

Episode 1
Listeners: 2,475

Outdoor Adventure with Eli Helmuth

How does someone get started in becoming an outdoor adventurist and mountain guide?