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Episode 4
Listeners: 1,157

Where To Surf On Cape Cod

There are many places to surf on Cape Cod for both easy and challenging surfing. Join Dillon as he talks about where he enjoys surfing on Cape Cod.

Episode 3
Listeners: 1,184

Surfboard Design

Surfboard design is based on the type of wave and what will work well in specific conditions. There are many types of surfboards: shortboards, longboards, funboards, fish, guns, hybrids, etc. Dillon will fill you in on how to choose a surfboard to fit your needs.

Episode 2
Listeners: 1,162

How To Start Surfing

Whether you are new to the ocean or you're a seasoned salt, you can either start by yourself, join a surf camp or be taught by a friend. Whatever method you choose, there is basic information you must learn. Join Dillon to discover how to start surfing.

Episode 1
Listeners: 1,202

Surf Culture And Surfing Stories

Surfing stories have been a part of the surfing community forever. Each and every time a surf story is told again, it becomes a bit different. The surfing stories are like you've heard them for the very first time and everyone relives that experience over and over.