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    Squib Kick Records
PO Box 131
Advance, NC
Contact: Rob Richardson

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Squib Kick Records Overview:

Squib Kick Records is a new Indie record label, focusing on rock,hard rock,glam and metal style music. (especially the classic 70's and 80's styles) We believe if you can raise your beer, stomp your feet, nod (or bang.) your head to the music .it's probably right up our alley. We strive to reach the classic hard rock audience and introduce fans to brand new Artists, that sound like ''classic artists'' they may already love.

We don't try to re-invent the wheel or do something out of our element. We kick the tires on all sorts of new rock, that brings back the ideas and principals of Arena Rock, Bubblegum and Hair Metal. To us, if it's catchy and fun, that is what we want to support. (Because that is the music we grew up with and enjoyed.)

Whether it's a touring band, studio,recording band or just a group of guys with some good songs - we're all about working with the Artist, developing a following and helping them to get their music out there. We want to eventually promote to movies, TV, cable shows and advertisement companies for our Artists. This gives them the opportunity to gain some financial growth in other aspects aside from gigging,touring and album sales. Squib Kick Records is primarily a ''digital release'' company, but will do physical releases and merchandising if warranted or needed. We try to keep costs low for everyone and in today's music market - it's all about convenience and ease of listening.

We hope this gives some insight to our label and what Squib Kick Records believes in. Here's to you for your interest and we hope we have an Artist or band you'll really get into.

Keep Rockin'..

Rob Richardson

Squib Kick Records
Label Formed Sept. 2016
Doors Opened April 2017

Releases to Date (4) singles
1. Whoozaboom. ''Yo Bottoms Up.''
2. Full Blown Electric ''Just Another Day''
3. The Bad Somethings ''Along For The Ride''
4. Atomic Lip Bomb ''Blow It Up

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