752.2 Radio Team

Creating The Vision
Philip Tulin

Every new entrepreneurial idea needs a visionary and Philip is the key to that concept. He is always thinking (probably way too much) and new ideas and concepts just pop in his mind. You never know what tomorrow will bring to 752.2 Radio.

Station Manager
Mel Tulin

Without the help of Mel, the radio station would be out of control. She is the constant pillar that always manages to keep the radio station on track, moving forward and toward 752.2 Radio's destination goals. Our thanks goes out to her for keeping everyone focused and working as a team.

Producer & Interviewer
Brett Wilson

All the podcasts, ads, editing, production and writing of music comes from Brett. He always amazes us with a new tune for an ad or a new intro for a podcast as it always is to perfection... as that is what he does best in the recording studio. And... he always manages to get great interviews as he is so easy to get along with!

Music Advisor / Coordinator
Brad Fitch

All the music advisory comes from Brad as he has quite a lot of experience in the music industry (19 albums and around 300 concerts/year). He promotes Colorado Music, 752.2 Radio throughout the USA and brings new music concepts/ideas to 752.2 Radio. If you happen to attend one of his concerts, ask him about 752.2 Radio and he will be happy to talk to you about it.

Music Promotion
Sheri Lynn

Sheri understands today's music and she is able to guide / market the musician's music on social media networks and also on 752.2 Radio to give the musicians maximum marketing & social media exposure. As a blog writer, she will contribute with the 752.2 Radio Blog. She is a very talented song lyric writer. Her love for traditional country music and love for writing brought her to where she is today.

Front Row Ticket Concerts
Peggy Mann

Peggy brought the initial idea of house concerts to 752.2 Radio (and then 752.2 Radio created a whole new way to perform & experience house concerts via the Internet). It was a logical choice for Peggy to head up Front Row Ticket Concerts for all the 752.2 Radio Musicians. She has been performing house concerts for many years.

Busines Sponsors
Mary D'Ambra

Mary brings a lot of business sponsor sales experience to 752.2 Radio along with her musical talent. She is very creative and combined with her music knowledge, she is a guiding force for 752.2 Radio sponsorship expansion into different areas of the USA.

Music Hour Mix & Airplay
Bruce Walls

Bruce is the youngest member of 752.2 Radio. He understands today's music and mixes the 752.2 Radio airplay hours. He is currently building his newest studio ''Red Walls Entertainment''. He is also a very talented musician / producer playing multiple instruments.

Musician's Memberships
Clarke Wright

Clarke has played music with many wonderful musicians over the years and continues to do so. So... he is the perfect person to help introduce 752.2 Radio to all his musician friends. He is known as a go-to-guy in the fiddling world and he is now the go-to-guy for 752.2 Radio Musician's Memberships.

DJ Music Shows
Willie Hoevers

From John Denver tributes to shows that touch the soul, Willie's "Music From the Continental Divide" always have a huge audience listening in. Look for the great interviews he manages to have with people who knew John Denver. Stop by during his show on the Internet and say "Hello" sometime. He will certainly appreciate it.

Voice Over Talent
Melissa Hall

Melissa brings her professional voice to the business ads, to the podcast intros, to "The Week Ahead", to special idea concepts and much more. Her voice adds to the professional production of much of the audio that your listen to on 752.2 Radio.