752.2 Radio Artist Terms

"By submitting content for 752.2 Radio airplay you are agreeing that the person submitting the content has the legal authority to do so. The needed information being supplied is correct and you consent to 752.2 Radio playing, transmitting, broadcasting the content on the Internet at no cost to them now or ever. Your Indie music content can not be downloaded using our 7522 Radio software as our software only plays your music. 752.2 Radio can not be held responsible for any illegal downloading of your music from the 752.2 Radio website. The Indie music content being supplied to 752.2 Radio is all original, unique and was not a cover or remix."
We have many costs associated with 752.2 Radio such as: set-up of artist's music channel with a profile page, bandwidth, artwork for the artists, graphics for artists, maintaining that each artist's information is always current, file storage, writing the software, posting to social media, maintaining the charts, maintaining the 24/7 stream, etc. We do all this for NO COST to the Indie artist and the 752.2 Radio Team is made up of all volunteers helping. There is no revenue generated by the streaming of any artist's Indie music.
We receive business support by the local business community displaying 752.2 Decals, posters and giving out 752.2 promo cards as well as mentioning 752.2 Radio to their customers. We appreciate all the help that they have given over the years.