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Episode 1
Listeners: 6,205
Estes Park, CO

Meet Jeff Van D

We sat down with Jeff outside at the YMCA of the Rockies, as he shared his humble beginnings as a musician, songwriter and his pure passion for instrumental music.

Episode 4
Listeners: 6,218
Estes Park, CO

Timberline Song

Welcome back to Behind the Music with Cowboy Brad Fitch. We're so glad you've returned, as the house concert at Brad's place continues with a song and story about the Rocky Mountain National Park. You're in for a real treat, so sit back and enjoy.

Episode 5
Listeners: 6,141
Estes Park, CO

My Special Place - Trail Ridge

Brad performs another song of the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, written by his brother Doug about Trail Ridge Road. Brad also shares a bit about his love and respect for one of his great influences, John Denver.

Episode 7
Listeners: 6,001
Estes Park, CO

The Big Thompson Flood

Listen as Brad shares a song and some stories of the Big Thompson Floods of 1976 and 2013.

Episode 2
Listeners: 5,920
Estes Park, CO

Take Me Away

The concert continues with the song Take Me Away, that will make you long for home.

Episode 1
Listeners: 5,754
Estes Park, CO

Estes Park Christmas

Brad gives us a cozy house concert in his home in Estes, sharing a little bit about how he got started in music, and sings ''Estes Park Christmas'' written by his good friend Bob Buford.

Episode 6
Listeners: 5,763
Estes Park, CO

How They Did It Back Home

The concert goes a little deeper, taking in, not only the beauty, but the struggles as well, with the natural disasters that have recently taken place in this part of Colorado. Come take a few moments to relax and reflect with Brad's heartfelt song - How They Did It Back Home.

Episode 3
Listeners: 5,620
Estes Park, CO

My Songs With Cowboy Brad

The fun, laid-back, house concert continues with Cowboy Brad with a song about my songs called My Songs as they just follow me around where I go.

Episode 8
Listeners: 5,351
Estes Park, CO

The Cowboy Life

Cowboy Brad shares how he got his name and sings a song about the romantic Cowboy Life in all its glory and struggles.

Episode 1
Listeners: 5,244
Estes Park, CO

Reclaiming the Imagination

Imagination - It's not just for childhood anymore!

Episode 2
Listeners: 5,182
Estes Park, CO

Mystic Dew

We join Marietta & Rick as they share the intriguing story behind the making of the song Mystic Dew, a haunting tribute to the beautiful Stanley Hotel.

Episode 9
Listeners: 5,108
Estes Park, CO

Horses, Hay and Leather

Cowboy Brad closes the concert with one final song, Horses, Hay, and Leather - dedicated to the faithful Livery Wranglers who take vacationers on horseback rides through Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.