My First Home Recording Studio

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My First Home Recording Studio

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Many of you viewing these photographs have no idea how difficult it was in the olden days of recording. :D I had one of the first 4 track home tape recorders (Teac) and that was a huge step upward from 2 track recording fifty years ago. I also had a new feature of module channels which meant if I had a bad transistor on the board, I could unplug that one module channel and bring it back to the person who hand soldered and designed my whole recording board to repair. You couldn't purchase recording boards for your home years ago.

I had vhf meters, dolby, advent speakers and 8 inputs in. My studio was in the basement of my home and I soundproofed all the walls, etc.

When you had to edit the recorded tape, I took out a razor blade, sliced a diagonal cut, cut out what I didn't want, place the 2 diagonal sides of the recorded tape together and place clear tape to hold the recorded tape together.

But it was a thrill to hear my radio commercials and music being played on my car radio as I drove down the road.

I even mailed my music to The Beatles (that's placing a real letter, sheet music and a demo in an envelope with a stamp). Two months later, I received a rejection letter thanking me for my music submission, but they were in the process recording James Taylor at that time at the new Apple Music. :D

But now everything has changed, but in the end, it still is creativity and talent that makes music, not the equipment.
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