How To Seek A Lyricist

If you are an Indie Music Artist and you need a singer for the recording of your music, lyricist for your music, music for your lyrics or other artists. Post any information to help you locate another Indie Artist to help you with your music.
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How To Seek A Lyricist

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If you can write music, but have a tough time adding words to your music, then maybe discovering a lyricist is a solution for you. Depending on where you live (small, medium or big town), all the following options might not applicable for you.

There are several ways to try and find a lyricist for a songwriter collaboration for your music. Here are some suggestions:

1. Forum: Join the Ultimate Indie Forum and post your lyricist needs on the forum.

2. Open Mic: Attend an "Open Mic" at some of your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. Talking with other songwriters and musicians may lead you to discover a lyricist.

3. Songwriter's Night: There might be some restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. that have songwriter's nights. Talking with other songwriters and musicians may lead you to discover a lyricist.

4. Facebook/Twitter Groups: In this age of social media, there are many groups to discover a lyricist for your music.

5. Music Conferences: There may be some music conferences in your area that you can attend to meet a lyricist or musicians.

6. Other Musicians: Asking another musician to collaborate with you is another option. If you don't ask another musician, you will never know.

Discovering a lyricist might not be as difficult as you think it is. You just have to be persistent and try all different approaches and eventually you will discover someone.

Good luck in your pursuit of a lyricist.
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