Streaming Has Killed The Indie Music Business

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Streaming Has Killed The Indie Music Business

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Streaming was once the savior of the music business, but now it is crushed the indie music business and here's why.

In the olden days, indie artist's performed out at concerts, clubs, events, private parties, etc. and what did they do. During the performance, the indie artist mentioned that they had CD's for sale (sold during the breaks and after the performance).

What was the advantage of that method of selling their music? It was an impulse sale that worked well when the performance was great and the people attending and listening to the performance really enjoyed the artist and their music. It worked great even when the indie artist have to produce and stock X number of CD's for sale.

Now, the landscape has changed. The indie artist thinks "Let me place my music on the streaming services and I don't have to produce CD's and my audience will increase with all this extra exposure to my music."


The top few percent of all the artists do make a lot of money in streaming, but the bottom 97% of the rest of all the artists make an average of $25 per year. What did streaming do? For every indie artist that decides to place their music on streaming, that killed their sales. PERIOD. Why would someone pay for a track, pay for an EP or pay for an album, when they can stream the indie artist for free on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, etc.

But there is still good news. Our good friend "Cowboy Brad" ONLY sells CD's of his music. You can't stream his music anywhere except on 752.2 Radio. And... he sells 1,000's of CD's as all of his concerts are almost always sold out. He gives a great concert and the impulse that was mentioned above exists after each concert. If you want to listen to his music, you purchase his music from him at the concert or from his website.

752.2 Radio has definitely given indie artists music exposure, but it won't impact indie artist's sales negatively as it is not like all the rest of the streaming services (as it's limited streaming). If the indie artists selects websites that do similar type presentations for their music, maybe their sales might be impacted.

That is something to think about, but if you are not a performer, then the above does not apply to you.
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