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Publish Your Music Blog To Apple News

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For many years, we published a 752.2 Radio Music Blog. Indie Artists used to send us promotional articles which we included in our blog on a daily basis. Our 752.2 Music Blog was sent out to Apple News, many search engines (used to be more years ago) and many RSS syndicated feeders every day. After a while, the Indie Artist articles sent to us stopped and we were too busy to write our own articles, so we took down our blog.

But, if you write a Wordpress music blog about yourself, you can have your blog be sent out to many areas to help your music gain additional exposure. For Apple News, all you have to is:

1. Apply for an Apple News ID #.
2. Install the above plug-in.
3. Enter your Apple News ID and set up the plug-in.
4. Everyday, if you have a new blog article, it will be automatically be distributed to Apple News.

In a separate post, we will give you instructions on how your blog can be distributed to search engines and RSS syndicated feeders every day.
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