Is More Better Or Is Quality Better?

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Is More Better Or Is Quality Better?

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When you were growing up, you always heard "You'll get a lot more in the future." Whether it was money or things, etc., everyone always was on a search for more.

But as you got older, you realized that more wasn't necessarily what you wanted and you started to throw things out, especially if you moved to another location. You realized that "Quality was better than more."

Which brings me to the topic of "Is marketing of your music looking for more publicity or is the marketing of your music looking for the quality of marketing for your music?"

Why do I bring up this topic? It's because that it is mind boggling that almost 90% of the artists that are approved on 752.2 Radio don't read their emails at all to realize that they have been accepted to submit their music to 752.2 Radio!!!

And 50% of the 10% artists that have been approved don't send their submission in correctly or don't send their submissions in at all. What a waste of time for everyone!

Which leads me to believe that those artists are contacting everyone and everybody, looking for more, more and more! And what they end up with will be a lot of nothing! Having more, but having no interest in what all the websites that artists submit their music in doesn't build success.

The only way you can optimize marketing for your music with not a lot of additional effort is to acknowledge on social media the hard work of ALL the websites that are helping you with marketing by sharing, posting, re-posting, etc. Those marketing websites will favor those artists and they will benefit greatly.

You don't have to have 100's of websites that only help you out a tiny bit. You only need a small number of great websites that dramatically impact the success of you, the artist and your music. And that can be as small a 1 website.

Think about what your goals are and what you're doing today. Change is good.
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