The Business Of Being In The Music Business

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The Business Of Being In The Music Business

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Whether you realize it or don't realize it, the art of writing music or performing music is being in business, just like any other business in this world; small or large.

I always maintained, that every business is EXACTLY the same as every other business, only the products and services differentiate each business. And as soon as you realize that writing music and performing is exactly the same as Tesla, you will be able to take massive steps to improve the chances for your success.

For example: If you write a number of new songs, what do you have to do after that has been done? It's the same as Tesla which has a number of parts sitting around in the plant. Each has to find a way to produce the produce the product the best way possible to exceed the customer's expectations.

You can then compare the sales, marketing, promotion, presentation, after the sales, customer service, etc. of your music to any other type of business. The sales cycle is exactly the same, only the size of your business is much smaller than a large business. And... maybe it's just you instead of many employees and locations around the world.

In the coming weeks, I will write about "The Business Of Being In The Music Business" from a business perspective and outline some of my business rules for success that I've used in the past. These rules can be applied to Indie Artists with their music and maybe some of the business rules will help you in your pursuit for music success. But, you will still have to write some great music, too. As I can’t help you with that part of the business. :D
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