International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA)

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International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA)

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After learning about ISSA (International Singer Songwriters Association) about a couple of years ago, 752.2 Radio added 32 additional weekly charts just for ISSA members. It was a lot of additional programming work, but I felt it was very important to support such a wonderful organization.

Every successful organization starts from the top and without a special leader to guide the vision of the organization, the organization will never gain its full potential. And the leader and visionary of ISSA is a very special person. Tamanie Dove always does what's best for the members and she is the perfect example of being a visionary and carrying through the vision.

In the few years that I've known about ISSA, I've seen the membership grow exponentially and now, there is no stopping the possibility of being the greatest Singer Songwriter's Association ever created. Listen to the members and what they are saying about ISSA as they are from all over the world.

If you are not a member, please consider joining ISSA as you will never be disappointed. The information below is a few paragraphs copied from the website.

The International Singer Songwriters Association was founded by Tamanie Dove, a singer songwriter born and raised in Nashville, now residing in Atlanta who is dedicated to supporting and serving independent artists, and encouraging aspiring and professional singers and songwriters in all genres of music worldwide.

ISSA will always be a FREE platform to singer songwriters and musicians worldwide. There will never be a fee to join. Our organization prides itself in providing year round visibility for our members across various and vast social media platforms. Free promotion, free support, free management tools and much more. Countless hours are spent making sure that ISSA is prominent in all realms of internet promotional sites, with music industry resources and in coordinating day to day communication, support and promotion with our artists and members.

Join International Singer Songwriters Association
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