How To Find A Manager Or Management Company

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How To Find A Manager Or Management Company

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You can always try and manage yourself or your band, but if you want to make it in the big leagues a great management company or manager will pay dividends in the long run. It's much easier for you if you already have a fan base, but starting from ground floor zero could work for you, too.


The best way is word of mouth from trusted people who you know in the music business as references and a track record are obviously important. You can also do searches on the Internet and attend music conferences. If you are a member of a music organization, the organization might have some recommended managers. If you're not a member of any music organizations, then join some. Do you want the management company to be the same as the record label? Most suggest having the label separate from the management, but it's totally up to you which is best for you.


The first thing is to decide what you want your manager to be involved in: financial, marketing, bookings, advisor, release dates, music on albums, selecting a label, etc. Once you've decided that, you can start searching for a manager based on their qualities and experience.

Don't start with a personal friend who wants to get into the music management business. It's worked for some artists, but having you and your friend learning along the way is not very productive.


Based on references and past experiences with other artists, you can discover if that manager is completely trustworthy. The manager should also be financially responsible and trustworthy with money. You've read many articles on artists who lost a lot of money due to irresponsible managers.


The manager should have connections for publicity, performances, recording studios, labels, etc. This will help jump start you with opportunities that you couldn't have gotten.


Most managers will want to know in advance of your capability of drawing a large fan base to your concerts. They will obviously want to hear you play live to determine their own evaluation if you and the manager will fit together nicely.


You manager should be able to take care of everything needed on the road regarding transportation, bookings, lodging, food, etc. You should be able to trust your manager to be able to do everything and anything needed. This should be a team effort for a long time and if there is any doubt in your mind, start looking elsewhere for another manager to consider.


Can your manager handle all the responsibilities necessary for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, etc. for concert announcement, live stream, publicity, photos and whatever is necessary on social media.


Can your manager make critical and profitable business decisions? Is your manager firm or a push over? Select a manager who knows what each decision means, gets what the manager wants and is a great negotiator. Is the manager in it for themselves or for you? You have to be the first reason for the manager.


Can the manager outline a strategy for you in advance on how your relationship with the manager will play out. What will be the strategy for your success?


How long does the manager project that this arrangement will produce baby steps, medium steps and large steps forward for your success.

Good luck is selecting a manager.
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