How To Have A Successful Music Career

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How To Have A Successful Music Career

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With any pursuit in life, there are plenty ups and downs. Everyone has these peaks and valleys. It's how you handle the failures that makes you closer to success. A successful career doesn't happen immediately and it takes patience and determination to succeed in anything.

1. Meet, Talk And Listen To As Many People In The Music Business.
You can learn just as much with failure information as success information from people. The music business is a people-base business and the more face-to-face interaction with people in the music business, the better will be your chances for success. Being around successful people increases your chance of becoming successful. Network, Network & Network. You can't just be recording and writing music all the time as no one will ever know about you. Social media has a impact to. Join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and give yourself a presence on social media (even if you don't like social media). But social media will NEVER replace face-to-face meeting in person. Even Zoom, etc. will never replace face-to-face meetings. Your music career of building your brand takes a lot of time, so don't become overly disappointed as negative energy is not beneficial.

2. Be In The Music Industry Loop
Unlike some mom and pop businesses, the music business is constantly changing. Remember CD's, Album Covers, Tape Cartridges, etc.? You must be constantly be on top of changes and what it means to you. Be educated on how to submit your music as you don't need a label to become successful (but it obviously does help). Be aware of music platforms and which is best for you.

3. Working In The Music Business
Do you want to work in the music business? If you are just starting out and are young, search for internships. Internships give you knowledge about what you are interested in and also gives you an advantage over someone being hired in the future. Sometimes an internship gives you a job opportunity with the company you are an intern with. You might be asked to work in a different city which might lead to other job opportunities. Experience is the key to getting ahead.

4. Be Flexible
Whether it's the style of music you are writing, the type of lyrics you are writing or the types of performing out you are currently doing, don't become stagnant. If a performing opportunity comes up and it's really not exactly the type of place you would usually play at, there might be someone there that night listening to your music that impacts your life. Showing up is always better than being at home.

5. Know What You Are Good At & What You Are Not Good At
You should know both your limitations and know what you're good at. If you need help in recording your music, ask someone. If you need assistance in adding extra instruments, ask someone. "Just Ask" is a sign of strength as you know your limitations. It is not a sign of weakness.

6. Your Path
Your path will never be in a straight line. Not many people are that lucky and fortunate to have a straight line with success. Your path will be a curve and maybe parts will be a circle coming back to where you were a month ago. That's life.
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Re: How To Have A Successful Music Career

Post by PortobelloExpress »

How true! excellent advises here!
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