Marlo And Mark Joins 752.2 Radio

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Marlo And Mark Joins 752.2 Radio

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Marlo and Mark are not your typical songwriting duo. Mark, a former rock,blues guitarist from California and Marlo a singer,lyricist from Wisconsin.

The two didn't really have a lot in common musically but when Mark heard her sing at a vocal competition his band put on, he knew she was special.

Once Mark found out she was a poet, he asked her to consider writing lyrics. That was the beginning of their songwriting collaboration.

After a year they had written 12 original songs. Their Album 'Clarity' was released worldwide on every streaming platform in 2019.

They quickly followed up with a second album, 'Brighter Days', in 2021 and are currently recording their newest collection of original songs. This duo shows no signs of slowing down.

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