Portobello Joins 752.2 Radio

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Portobello Joins 752.2 Radio

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Deeply rooted in the British R'n'B boom, with a predilection also for West Coast, Gospel and Heavy Rock tunes, Portobello Express is a Psychedelic Blues Rock Band from Vienna.

Songwriter Happy Betty is a passionate bass player with the dream of forming a band but snowed down with work life and studying, the idea was nearly lost.

She was joined in 2015 by Patrick ''Slowhand'' - a Rhythm 'n' Blues local legend - and Danny Bianchi with his deep dark jumping bass playing style. With nobody suitable to sing, Happy Betty step up and Portobello Express was born. New on board is now Martin Luif, a drummer with years of stage experience under his belt.

After touring Europe with great success, they release their first single ''Be Blues , The Devil is Dead'' in 2017 and have since released an EP ''2-3-4.'' (2018), a single on vinyl ''The Sea Rises, Sigh'' (2019) and an Unplugged EP (2020). Also, out in 2020 the heavy rock track ''Highly Sensitive'' about #respect and #kindnessmatters

The latest release out on 29th January 2021 is ''You Cry'', a Blues Rock anthem about men's unsatisfying love expectations.

Later this year will be also released an EP on vinyl plus the CD with bonus tracks.

Get ready for loads of guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, dynamic vocals and unconventional lyrics.

The band's captivating, high-energy performances will transport audiences back in the old-school Rock tradition.

Read About Portobello & Stream Their Music
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