Nightfly Joins 752.2 Radio

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Nightfly Joins 752.2 Radio

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Since 2013, Nightfly has brought its unique blend of Funk and Roll to Central Florida audiences.

Starting as a cover band with a unique song list, Nightfly soon began adding originals tunes to their sets. Their fans asked for recordings of the songs, so in November of 2017 Nightfly released ''Honey Jelly Jam'', a CD of original songs showcasing their blend of Rock, Funk, and RandB. The CD was recorded in Real Drum Studios, owned and operated by Pat Bautz, the drummer for Three Dog Night.

Owing to the retirement of original drummer Bill Hoffman, Pat lent his talents as a drummer, as well as engineer and producer, to the CD. Released to positive reviews, the songs soon were in rotation on local radio stations WFIT and Radio 1300. They are also currently in rotation on Pandora and Spotify, and have been featured on Reverb Nation's cover page, helping Nightfly gain fans from around the world.

Nightfly has now released their sophomore effort - a 3 new song EP.

But Wait, There's More, also available on Pandora, Spotify and all other streaming and retail sources. These three songs - ''Who's In'', ''Marla Got a Man'', and ''Poison'' - show the continuing evolution of Nightfly's genre-bending original songs. The single Who's In is also in rotation on Cash Box Radio Canada, Radio Wig Wam, and Radio 8indie,829 Media.

While the current pandemic has put a temporary end to live shows, Nightfly is still promoting these singles through traditional and social media outlets. Nightfly wants to get these songs in as many ears as possible, wherever those ears may be.

Read About Nightfly & Stream Their Music
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