Brian Mckell Joins 752.2 Radio

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Brian Mckell Joins 752.2 Radio

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Inverkeithing Scotland is a long way from Nashville, but not in spirit. Both places have horses, heartbreak and Scotch but even Nashville doesn't have a high-school in the shape of a tractor.

Scottish singer Brian McKell has been singing country music covers on YouTube for a while now.

He has two singles in collaboration with Eric Michael Jones which he provided the vocals for ''Both of Me'' released in August and ''Stripmine'' released on November 14 th . Brian decided to do more by providing backing on Seth Storers new album ''THE QUARANTINE SESSION 2''.

He now has his first solo single that came outatthe end of November 2020 with the help of Lindsay Wilkins-Mulder called ''ANY OTHER WAY'' and his second single called ''MORNING SUN'' was out at the end of December 2020 his third single called ''SMILE'' was out at the end of march 2021 with the help of Josh Woodword in 2021 brian is planing on several singles and is working towards a album.

''Doing karaoke style covers and open-mics is a lot different than performing an original song'' says Brian, ''none of the songs I have released or will release have never been heard before, so I won't be compared to anyone''. The genre has evolved tremendously from the Hank Williams days of 'Classic Country', and popularity has grown in the British Isles.

Known in the Fife area as Brian 'The Hat' Mckell, he's never without his cowboy hat when performing. Fife has a lot of closet country fans but they are always the first to turn up when Brian sings. One local hotel asked him not to sing country but when he obliged, the audience wanted to know why he wasn't singing country. McKell's twang may have a different flavor but it's no less genuine. Some fans may even remark at the similarity between his natural phrasing and an American accent. ''I like Tim McGraw,Garth Brooks and lots of other American acts as well as British ones like Passenger.

I wear a cowboy hat and boots because it ain't about where your home is, it's about where your heart is''.

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