How Not To Be Disappointed With Writing Music

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How Not To Be Disappointed With Writing Music

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I've been there numerous times, but not in the music business... but the feeling is still very real and I can relate it to the music business.

"I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THE RELEASE OF.... (fill in the rest of the sentence)."

There is a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation of the release of a new single, EP or Album. And the excitement and anticipation can be over after the first day when no one comments on your release and no one purchases any of your music.

I've been there before (writing software that took 1-2 years to develop) and I am there now with The Ultimate Music Forum. I was also there with 752.2 Radio at the beginning... and look at it now!

There is one word that I use and think about every time I get the feeling of disappointment where my anticipation and my expectations exceed the initial results.


For without persistence, you can not become successful. There is also another possibility. You might not write the perfect song the first time. I might not have written the best software product in the beginning. But with every disappointment and failure, you will learn and get ahead.

And... there are other possible reasons for the initial disappointment.

1. Your release of your music wasn't done in the best possible way.
2. Not enough people have listened to your new release.
3. People will be purchasing or listening to your music at a later date.
4. You didn't promote it enough or long enough.
5. You don't offer enough options to listen or purchase your music.
6. ..And many other reasons.

But with PERSISTENCE, you can and will succeed. I have never failed because of persistence and the result is that sometime it took a lot longer than I had expected. Just read some of the successful music writers and performer's stories and you will get a realistic idea of success in the early years.

And that will probably be the same for this new forum... PERSISTENCE.
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