752.2 Hit Maker Radio Music Submission

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752.2 Hit Maker Radio Music Submission

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752.2 Hit Maker Radio is built to be different. 752.2 Hit Maker Radio didn't want the website to be like any other Indie Radio Website. With that decision, came the reality that 752.2 Hit Maker Radio could never accept every Indie Artist that submitted their music to 752.2 Hit Maker Radio. When we started, we didn't have the number of submissions each day that we have now.

Each Indie Artist's initial submission takes time to evaluate their music and sometimes the Indie Artist does not submit enough information for a complete evaluation. Once an Indie Artist initial submission is accepted, a complete information email is sent out to the new Indie Artist to complete. Once we receive the completed form, it takes over 2 hours to enter the brand new artist into 752.2 Hit Maker Radio.

Why does it take so long?
We have certain requirements on profile image sizes that we must edit all the photographs submitted in Photoshop. We also have to actually make new images for each new artist, too. Every profile is proof read and edited for correct grammar and spelling. Every video link is checked out for valid links. Plus other additional work as we want every Indie Artist to look as professional as possible.

We also have to check that the Twitter and Facebook account names are correct and then we have to add the new artists into our automatic daily marketing on Facebook and Twitter. And there is much more additional work, too!

But this is the problem!

When an Indie Artists requests to be on 752.2 Radio, we research the request and respond to the artist within 1-3 hours (depending on how busy we are at the time).

BUT, OVER 50% OF THE INDIE ARTISTS DO NOT READ OR RESPOND TO OUR ACCEPTANCE EMAIL THAT WE SEND TO THEM! Either they never read their email or our email goes into their junk folder or the email never gets to them or they are requesting to be on so many radio stations that they don't even care or our email address is blocked. It is totally a waste of our time and the Indie Artist's time.

But, because we've accepted a new Indie Artist, we have reserved working time space for the new artist and there's a good possibly additional artists are rejected as we can't accommodate adding any new artists as we've run out of time slots. It's totally unfair to everyone.

If we are back logged with new artists when you submit your Artist submission, we can't possibly add any other additional artists. So, in another 30 days, you can resubmit your Artist submission again.

If you don't have professionally recorded tracks or you do covers, you are automatically not accepted. I hope the above clears up any Indie Artists that were not accepted and we can only do so much work adding new artists each week.

Submission instructions are on the 752.2 Hit Maker Radio in the HELP section.
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