Is It Harder Today Than 30 or 40 Years Ago To Market Your Music?

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Is It Harder Today Than 30 or 40 Years Ago To Market Your Music?

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Since we've been involved with programming for 50+ years, we've seen all aspects of marketing and selling digital products and music is a digital product now. In the 80's, 90's, etc., when we had a software product created, we had to make a phone call to a perspective client, pay a long distance phone cost and then mail some literature out to a perspective client if they were interested in what we were selling.

Enclosed in the presentation that we mailed out to the client might have originally been a VCR tape that video recorded with a VCR recorder that was plugged into a tube TV screen. The computer went from VGA output to NTSC conversion box to a TV and the VCR recorder taped from the TV what was seen on the computer screen, not very well I might add.

Then we had to package everything up in a box, place a mailer address label on the box, drive to the post office and you know the rest of the story.

The point I am making that it was extremely difficult in those days, but we managed to sell our products all over the USA to a lot of locations (McDonald's was one of our customers).

So, the question is: "Is it harder today than it was years ago?"

Just think of what Internet tools everyone has with their music today. It's absolutely incredible! And even though we were involved greatly with the Internet when it first started, we had no idea what it would eventually become and how we could have benefited with the Internet. We really missed that golden opportunity.

But, in the olden days, word of mouth was everything. Once you were able to have influential people talk about your product, go to trade shows, etc. you were going to be successful.

Thinking about today's world, even though it is so much easier, now there is million more competitors competing in the same arena. There are so many Indie Artists trying to become successful that it's extremely hard to know what to listen to and what to purchase.

With our other endeavor into music (as a side hobby), we were able to produce music in the 70's and have the music played on radio because there wasn't a lot of competition then.

So, my evaluation of the situation today is that I would rather be in business similar to years ago as it was harder to get found and harder to market (but we didn't know the difference as that is the way it was done). :) But once you were established, it was a lot harder to knock you off and out of the marketplace.

I believe that same applies to Indie Music. I await any comment and thoughts you might have on this topic.
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