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Minutes To Circle
2009 Phil Circle

Category: Blues
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   1. Surreal Life
   2. Searching
   3. Lipstick And Whiskey
   4. Down To The Sea
   5. Angel
   6. There's A River
   7. Psychosis
   8. Letter To A Friend
   9. Afterlife
   10. Everything I Touch (explicit lyrics)
   11. Will You Go Lassie Go
   12. Lyin' Again (Bonus Track)
   13. Except For Today (Bonus Track)

All That I Am
2010 Phil Circle

Category: Blues
Fan Rating

   1. Backing Down
   2. Until You Walk Again
   3. Halfway Down
   4. All That I Am
   5. Evermore
   6. Pass Me Another
   7. Epitaph
   8. Waves
   9. Nothing You Can Say
   10. Letter To A Friend
   11. Take Me Baby
   12. In The City
   13. The Road
   14. Gold-Lined Grotto (Bonus Track)
   15. No Cover Charge (Bonus Track)

What I Mean
2017 Phil Circle

Category: Blues
Fan Rating

   1. What I Mean