Magnificent Tourist

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Gone Native
2014 Magnificent Tourist

Category: Rock
Fan Rating

   1. Frankie Battles Shuffle
   2. Professor And Marianne
   3. No Shoes On
   4. Invasion Of The Starfish
   5. Get Off The Beach

The Best Of Magnificent Tourist
2017 Magnificent Tourist

Category: Rock
Fan Rating

   1. This One's For You
   2. Secret Lab
   3. Let's Go
   4. One By One
   5. Fast Buck Freddie
   6. Marianne
   7. Franky Bottles Shuffle
   8. Chupacabra
   9. The Waltz
   10. Do Ya
   11. Try Not Thinking
   12. Draw The Line
   13. Move On Slowly
   14. Dragon
   15. Get Off The Beach
   16. Rhythm Remains