Blue Canyon Boys

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Next Go 'Round
2012 Blue Canyon Boys, LLC

Category: Bluegrass
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   1. Up On The Hill
   2. Next Go 'Round
   3. Harbor Of Love
   4. Down Along The Cove
   5. Heartaches Welcome
   6. Like A Heart That's Grown Weary Of The Blues
   7. Before You Go
   8. Darling Alalee
   9. Roustablout
   10. Lonesome Road
   11. Sitting Alone In The Moonlight
   12. Nobody's Love Is Like Mine
   13. Down In The Misery
   14. Going Up
   15. I Bid You Goodnight

Mountain Bound
2010 Blue Canyon Boys, LLC

Category: Bluegrass
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   1. She Left Me Standing On The Mountain
   2. No Worries In My Pocket
   3. Follow The Leader
   4. Matterhorn
   5. Rocky Mountain Bound
   6. When I Stop Dreaming
   7. Lonesome Hammer
   8. On The Banks Of The Tuckaseegee
   9. That Lonesome Bluebird Call
   10. Don't Change
   11. Unwanted Love
   12. These Old Broken Heart Blues
   13. Kentucky Mandolin
   14. Molly And Tenbrooks

House Full Of Sorrow
2009 Blue Canyon Boys, LLC

Category: Bluegrass
Fan Rating

   1. Windborough Cotton Mill Blues
   2. Goin' Up Yonder
   3. No Reason To Go Home
   4. Hello, Who's Calling
   5. I Want You To Want Me
   6. Daybreak In Dixie (Instrumental)
   7. Lyin', Cheatin', Cryin'
   8. Wondering What Happened To You
   9. Highway Of Regret
   10. Stormy Waters
   11. New Camptown Races (Instrumental)
   12. Jesus On The Mainline (Recorded Live)
   13. Roving Gambler
   14. Better Get To Heaven

Hello City Limits
2007 Blue Canyon Boys, LLC

Category: Bluegrass
Fan Rating

   1. Hello City Limits
   2. Ranshackle Shack On The Hill
   3. Another Miner's Grave
   4. I'm Blue And Lonesome
   5. Jalapeno Flashback
   6. An Old Song You Sing
   7. Just A Few More Miles
   8. Airmail Special On The Fly
   9. Take This Hammer
   10. Lost And Lonesome
   11. I Got My Bottle
   12. Cry From The Cross
   13. Wheel Hoss
   14. Milwaukee, Here I Come

Blue Canyon Boys
2016 Blue Canyon Boys, LLC

Category: Bluegrass
Fan Rating

   1. Roll Muddy River
   2. One Lonely Thought Of You
   3. The Road To Westcliffe
   4. Wake Up, The Party's Over
   5. Riding On That Northbound Train
   6. Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
   7. Just On Old Dirt Road
   8. Time
   9. Old George's Repent
   10. The Heart Of Mine
   11. Shinjuku Station
   12. There Goes My Love
   13. Born To Be With You