Clarke Wright

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2011 Clarke Wright

Category: Country
Fan Rating

   1. Big Beaver
   2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
   3. Forked Deer / Fishers Hornpipe
   4. Westphalia Waltz
   5. Pawn Shop Special
   6. Temptation Rag
   7. Dance Of The Goldenrod
   8. Gimme Five
   9. Hamilton Country Breakdown
   10. One Six Right
   11. Mississippi Sawyer / St. Anne's Real
   12. Hot Potato
   13. East Tennessee
   14. Till Then

Hollywood Rodeo Band
2014 North Wimpole

Category: Country
Fan Rating

   1. Fading Romance
   2. Like The First Time
   3. All My Love
   4. Western Sky
   5. Ridin' Down The Rio Grande
   6. Mexicali Rose
   7. Dear Old Dixie
   8. In A Matter Of Time
   9. The Calico Angel
   10. What Are You Going To Do Then?
   11. Just Like Long Ago
   12. Hot Potato Breakdown
   13. On The Western Trail
   14. My Saddle Pals And I
   15. Jingle Jangle Jingle
   16. Tired Of Dreaming On You
   17. Hamilton County Breakdown
   18. Along The Navajo Trail
   19. Stampede
   20. All Over Again
   21. We Can Make A Wrong Thing Turn Out Right
   22. Lights Of Cheyenne

Jeremy Kimball
2014 Jeremy Kimball

Category: Bluegrass
Fan Rating

   1. Gun Made For Two
   2. Play Me A Song Little Blind Boy
   3. Dare To Be A Daniel
   4. You'll Always Be Darlin' To Me
   5. When I Get The Money Made
   6. Southern Moon
   7. Life To Go
   8. Poison Lies
   9. I've Been Cryin'
   10. Skid Row
   11. I've Endured
   12. You Can't Do Wrong And Get By
   13. Sweet Thing

Dreamer's Lullaby
2001 HRB Entertainment

Category: Country
Fan Rating

   1. I'll Love You 'Til The End Of Time
   2. Here I Am (There I Go)
   3. Dreamer's Lullaby
   4. Vedauwoo
   5. Only You Can Make Love Stay
   6. Little Red Wagon
   7. Calling Me Back Home
   8. Never Sunshine Always Rain
   9. I Want To Be With You
   10. Sagebrush
   11. Dreamer's Farewell

High, Wide & Handsome
1998 HRB Entertainment

Category: Country
Fan Rating

   1. One Dozen Roses
   2. My Hillbilly Gal
   3. Soldier's Joy
   4. Doggone Cowboy
   5. Cowbell Polka
   6. Western Sky
   7. Will You Be Loving Another Man
   8. Coridinio
   9. Down The Trail To San Antone
   10. Jerusalem Ridge
   11. Lights Of Old Santa Fe
   12. Thunder & Lightning