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    Kirks Fly Shop
230 E. Elkhorn Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 577-0790 (877) 669-1859

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Fishing is fantastic! Come in today for the latest flies or to book your guided trip! Run-off is on, but fishing is still great with the right flies! A lot of our private water is fishing the BEST RIGHT NOW! Call today to reserve your trip on one of many private sections! This year take advantage of our new Adventure Trips! Sign up for the ''Hike of the Week'' every Monday, or an overnight excursion every Wednesday night!

Kirks Fly Shop Comments:

     1.  Don't go anywhere else for your fishing needs! Kirk's selection and trips are top notch! Holly

     2.  What a store with such knowledgeable people! Barry

     3.  Just wanted to say that my experience with kirks fly shop was great! I had Craig as a fly fishing guide and he was awesome! Tammy Goodwater

     4.  We did an overnight backpacking trip with Kirks this last summer. The fishing was great...our guide Gary was the best, and the food was wonderful! Fred

     5.  Best fly shop in Estes, hands down! They've got it all, including the best, friendliest staff. Judy

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