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    Red Rose Rock Shop
490 Moraine Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-4180

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Welcome to Red Rose Rock Shop and Dick's Rock Museum. Selling rocks, gems and minerals from Colorado and around the world since 1939. We carry decorative landscaping, fountain, aquarium and metaphysical rocks, crystals, fossils, polishing materials, rough for cabbing, slabs, bookends, candle holders, unique specimens, crafts and jewelry made by local artists. We are one of the oldest and largest rock shops on Highway 36. You can see more than rocks here with our pond and the Big Thompson river. The elk, deer and other wildlife love to stop by for snacks and get a drink. So, stop in and see us on your way in and out of the Rocky Mountain National Park, we have lots of parking available and are open year-round. Winter Hours 10 00 to 5 00. Summer Hours 8 00 to 9 00. Spring and Fall Hours ''open till we close and closed till we open''.

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     1.  Great rock museum! Kenny

     2.  Great store, super friendly staff. Really fun place to take kids. holly

     3.  The Red Rose Rock Shop is a great place to get creative with colorful rocks for your landscaping or garden projects. The help is very friendly! Linda

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