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    Bird Watcher's General Store
36 Rt. 6A
Orleans, MA 02653
(800) 562-1512

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Upon entering you'll hear the lovely bird sounds playing until this guy, owner Mike O'Connor who started Bird Watcher's General Store in 1983, starts making fun of you because you're wearing a shirt with a cat on it. If you look to the right after entering, you will be wowed by the impressive array of binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories in our optic department.

If you look left upon entering, you'll see the jewelry counter and beyond that our massive collection of books, videos, CD's, bird song tapes, field guides for here and around the world, CD-roms, and more. People spend hours here before they even get to the rest of the store.

Many people head right for the official joke telling spot. Here, you tell us a joke, we ring a bell, and you get a FREE pencil! Folks work on their presentations all year preparing for their big opportunity. As you can see, there are a few rules. Mike has been known to wrestle people to the ground for snitching a pencil without telling a joke.

As you look around you'll see that we carry some unique items by a variety of local artists and photographers. We also carry many lines made in the USA.

We carry original hand painted ornaments and painted slates by our own Catherine Clark. Her ornaments have been collected by folks around the world since 1983. Each is signed and dated with the current year. We also carry her matted prints and note cards and her books, Chickadee & the Whale, and The Birds We Live With, that she wrote and illustrated. She also illustrated the Guide to the Common Birds of Cape Cod written by Peter Trull.

As you enter our feeder and seed room, you'll be overwhelmed by the room full of feeders, baffles, bird seed, bird baths and accessories to go with everything.

Don't worry, we can help you pick out a cheap plastic feeder that will be chewed up by a squirrel in 5 minutes, or a complete squirrel-proof set up that will last so long you'll have to include it in your will.

Have fun bagging your own seed from the barrels, just like at a salad bar (except you'd use a plate for a salad bar, we hope). We'll also help you figure out what seed to get, despite your Aunt Edna's claims that birds love donuts.

Along the right wall in the same room you'll find a big assortment of bird baths.

Bird Watcher's General Store Comments:

     1.  Great store as they have everything I need for my birding hobby. Check out Mike's 2 books that he wrote, too! Philip Tulin

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