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Episode 10
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Estes Park, CO

The Draw Of Estes Park

In this episode, John talks about the draw of Estes Park. From Enos Mills to F.O. Stanley to Alexander MacGregor, the quest begins to turn Estes Park into a vacation destination point, drawing folks from all over of the world.

Episode 9
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Estes Park, CO

Early Travel Into Estes Park

John talks about the difficulties of getting into Estes Park in the early days and the role tuberculosis played in the early history of the Estes Valley.

Episode 8
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Estes Park, CO

Early Downtown Estes Park

A walk through early downtown Estes Park through the eyes of John Meissner. This episode should be listened to before taking the Estes Park Historical Walk.

Episode 7
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Estes Park, CO

Troubles In Earl Land

John Meissner shares some of the scandalous stories and speculations that have tainted the Earl's reputation through the years: including stealing land, wiping out the Elk population in Estes Park and shooting Rocky Mountain Jim.

Episode 6
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Estes Park, CO

Wildlife With The Earl Of Dunraven

John Meissner discusses the Earl of Dunraven's early encounters with Estes Park wildlife while on his many infamous hunting expeditions.

Episode 5
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Estes Park, CO

The Dunraven Cottage - Part 4

John continues this series with several more fascinating details about the Dunraven Cottage, and also about the early Estes Park pioneers and the way they lived.

Episode 4
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Estes Park, CO

4th Earl's Liquor Myth

Is there a hidden cache of the 4th Earl's liquor still hidden somewhere on the property of the Dunraven Cottage?

Episode 3
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Estes Park, CO

The Dunraven Cottage - Part 3

John Meissner tells the story of how the Dunraven Cottage, one of Estes Park's greatest treasures, narrowly escapes being bull-dozed, and has lived to leave a legacy as to where the Earl of Dunraven chose to center his headquarters.

Episode 2
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Estes Park, CO

The Dunraven Cottage - Part 2

How many times did the Earl of Dunraven come back to see his Estes Park estate, or to use his cottage? Did he ever come back? Join John Meissner as he continues the history of the Dunraven Cottage. Please listen to Part 1 first.

Episode 1
Listeners: 2,167
Estes Park, CO

The Dunraven Cottage - Part 1

Unearthing the treasures of true stories of life in Estes Park. Join John Meissner as he starts uncovering the history of the Dunraven Cottage.