Complete Informational Overview.

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Episode 6
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Longmont, CO

Signs of Life

Springtime, like any other season here in the Rocky is just amazing! Everywhere you look there are signs of life. But they may not always be what you expected.

Episode 5
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The Ravens of Lily Mountain

These mysterious, intelligent birds of prey have no problem taking time off from hunting and scavenging to play and enjoy life before getting back to work. Hopefully, they can inspire us to occasionally do the same and to remember to be grateful for it.

Episode 4
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Early Visitors To RMNP

Who were the earliest visitors to the Rocky Mountain National Park and what would they have experienced here? What was life in the Rocky like hundreds and thousands of years ago?

Episode 3
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This place that gets over 3 million visitors a year, mostly during the summer, is lonely and peaceful in the winter, hiding the life within. To the casual observer it may seem empty, desolate and lifeless. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Episode 2
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Why Wapiti Whistle

Perhaps the two most haunting and memorable sounds you will ever hear in nature are the lonely call of a loon and the haunting bugle of an elk, also known as the wapiti. Let's eavesdrop on an elk herd during the Fall Rut.

Episode 1
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A Home In The Sky

There is something so sacred and unparalleled about the grandeur of the rugged mountains, pristine forests, lush meadows, tranquil lakes and streams here in the Rocky.