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Welcome to a new poetic electronic singing and songwriting universe.

American singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Anna Awe first started singing rock music and writing fiction as a child. After attending underground electronic music festivals, Anna bought her first production software and hardware synths, and began learning electronic music production.

She spent the following years in NYC and LA honing her poetic voice and electronic artistry. Under the mentorship of top engineers and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, she learned how to apply the latest technologies creatively in the music making process.

In 2019, she began to produce and release the songs she had written over the past decade. She also began working professionally as an open-format DJ for clubs and private events. This better acquainted her with current DJ/Producer trends. What followed were a series of independent releases such as ''See My Light'' and ''Unbelievable'' that received FM and online radio play in countries such as the U.S., the UK, and Mexico.

Anna's singing and writing attracted the attention of electronic music labels Catch 22 and Road Story Records, where she teamed up as a singer with top level producers to release ''The Sweetest Sound'' and ''Believe in Someone''.

Anna continues to build her artistry, artist network and global fan base as she forges a new path in the digital music industry. Join her in this exciting future.

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