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Ambrose is a multimedia artist and writer living near Alaska. ''Waiting over forty years to compose music naturally, I desired to write songs since the seventies when hearing amazing music for the very first time in my life. I prayed for the ability.

When I was young I liked serious and timeless music and had no real interest or patience with frivolity; was just old for my age. Yet so very far it was to reach that state of authentic music and especially with no one being musical in the family, I thought it would never happen and I knew I was not to force it. The only songs that spun in my head were my favorite ones on radio and I wasn't keen on plagiarizing.

In my early life I was obsessed with music and I drowned myself in it and I learned some secrets from climbing inside so many songs and the mind of the writers. So it served me well as a lonely child and it is now, though I almost gave up on ever composing. Then one sorrowful night it came over me and I stayed up until the wee hours to finish my first song when I was 29... that first song was worthy of any emotional struggle and I strongly sensed I discovered something; but then I never completed any songs for another seventeen years.

Again without warning, it happened and I translated my emotions into words and melody. Then I had more songs come to me the same week. Then they would not stop coming and I could not even shower without a song interrupting me; that was an intense year. I did songs while working, while driving, and even sometimes while dreaming.

In 2018 I had over fifty songs roughed out waiting on my shelf and another thirteen singles produced. I decided to complete my instrumental album before my vocal album which is a providential blessing the way things unfolded. It is 79 minutes long and I always promised myself that if I wrote songs, they would be long enough to never need to rewind and good enough that few would care.

The first hours I posted the news on a song writing site, this wonderful station graciously contacted me. I am finishing my original vocal album and working on newer songs right now. I know if I never am able to write another song, I have enough of them to keep me busy the rest of my life. Of course I want to write many more as my spirit moves me. I wait for my songs to write themselves and it is the highest form of expression I have ever known within the arts.''

Ambrose Comments:

     1.  For all the people who listen and appreciate my have made my greatest creative dream much more worthwhile from the practical and less ethereal standpoint...I would paint if no one even saw and I would write if no one ever read or listened but I would not be so encouraged or fulfilled as I am now. We often pride ourselves to stand alone and we often have no choice but we are not designed to be islands in an ideal world, anymore than we are meant to never have time alone to reflect on life and what it means. Ambrose

     2.  Just saw you on the new artist's listing as I listen to a lot of music here. I was never an instrumental music listener (especially piano), but I thought I'd give it a try and listen a bit. Got me hooked! Keep up the great work! Jeff

     3.  intense, complex, melodic and transports the listener into another realm. The emotion is evident. This is music written from the heart to reach the heart. Big fan! Buzzsaw

     4.  Your music is absolutely amazing girl. This array of songs are dynamic from start to finish, soulful and energizing...very mesmerizing. Keep writing as I am addicted already. Shannon

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