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LOVELORN REGAL is Colin Patrick.

He hails from, and resides in Denver, CO. Patrick learned to play guitar and write songs as a means of self-medication for home-sickness, after leaving home for the very first time.

Through youthful tribulation and hard work, his song-writing began to develop and stand all on its own. Patrick began to record and perform for anyone who would listen. After several years, he returned to Denver to ''Play every stage as often as I could'', he says--and his work paid off. He was voted the 2012 Colorado Solo-Artist of the year.

Patrick crafts his melodies with soulful dexterity and a warm familiarity his mix of pop, folk, blues and psychedelia appeals to many. He yields a raw, honest voice that more than sets him apart, and it has helped to gain him national recognition for his song-writing. He wrote and produced debut album, LAST CALL along with friends and engineers, Andrew Serr of Serr Studio and Chris Carter. All works were complete at Serr Studio in Parker CO.

LAST CALL is available NOW on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon. Lovelorn's new release is due out Summer, 2018.

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