Mary D'Ambra

Dayton, OH


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Mary is a former elementary school teacher, who traded the ocean for the mountains more than twelve years ago. Born, raised, and having lived in Rhode Island most of her life, she packed up a Penske truck, put her car on a car carrier, and headed west two weeks shy of her 40th birthday. Mid-life crisis, you might ask? Not exactly, but she did need a change.

In her own words, It was as if I had grown all I could, like a potbound plant, I desperately needed to be transplanted. Having visited Colorado a year earlier, Mary was immediately drawn to its great expanse, deep blue sky, and majestic mountains, as well as the people there. 2,000 miles and twelve years later, Mary speaks highly of this change. It has been quite the adventure with both joys and challenges. I have settled in more than I expected to, and in ways I never thought I needed to. Freedom, contentment, and a lot of new songs have been the result for Mary.

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